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Dr. Alefiya Bapai, Rashida Diwan, Batul Ratlamwala, Nafisa Kagalwala, Dr. Fatema Jetpurwala

- Founder members

Dawoodi Bohra Women for Religious Freedom (DBWRF) has been formed to give voice to mainstream Dawoodi Bohra women who have been taken for granted as a community of whom anything could be said, and who would, in turn, do nothing.

So far has it gone, that today, a lawyer called Sunita Tiwari has decided of her own accord, that we need help from her, and will therefore, take our religious practices before the Supreme Court without our permission, without our consent, in fact, against our will.

Yes, many of us may well be circumcised, as were our mothers and grandmothers before us. The constitution of India gives us this right to freedom of conscience and religion. Many great men and women have died for that right, so valuable and precious is it!

Sunita Tiwari has had the temerity to draw her own conclusions about our circumstances and our personalities and tell the court that we care nothing about this liberty and in fact, need her to fight our corner.

This organisation intends to challenge her.

You will be surprised, because we, Bohras, have never been activists, but this time, we have become a grass-roots movement, in which each one, is calling a sister to say, the time has come to stand up and be counted.

But, when you join us, be sure it is of your own free will. Be sure it is because of your faith in the precious shariat given to you by the Prophet (SAW). It is because you are Indian. It is because you belong to this wonderful multi-cultural country whose founding fathers thought it right that you should have freedom of faith and enshrined it in this Indian, precious constitution of our country.

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