We are all Social beings, the human brain craves contact with others for support, wellbeing and entertainment. Human interaction is not only physically beneficial but also imperative for mental health.

Studies have shown that those with the most social interaction within their community experience the slowest rate of memory decline, an issue which this generation will face because of the onset of the pandemic. The youth are more interested in what’s happening on their mobiles, who posted which video and how they could start gaming channels themselves and become YouTubers.

At the same time, it's also created a space which if used properly, can be fruitful in creating their identity, which is the challenge in that age group. The youth need to be inspired to use the current platform they have to put out their opinions and be ready to grab the opportunities that come their way. Society plays a huge role in moulding teenage behaviour, character and attitude. It determines how they see other people, their general outlook, and their ethics.

India is home to a fifth of the world's youth population. The large youth population offers both a workforce as well as a market. These young people are driving a culture of innovation, entrepreneurship and diversity. How do we, the present generation, help the youth to understand the power that they have in their hands in terms of being an asset to the nation at large?

Let’s look at ways we can develop and influence the youth Positively.

1) Education: Education is the only way to the top; the human body never stops growing, so then why should the human  mind stop? If we truly want society to develop and thrive, educating young minds can be their passport to freedom. As Nelson Mendela once said, “ Education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world.”

2) Digital Smartness: Considering the size of India’s population, ignoring technology is a mistake we cannot afford to make. With the right skills and technical know-how , our youth can establish a very strong digital presence that can help them to enhance their productivity and create their own economy. If they just understand just how important it is to establish a digital identity for themselves , use social media instead of getting used to it, they will have 5 decades to use or lose.

3) Investment opportunities: Investors are already considering India as an investment hub for its skilled and young working population. Around 62.5% of India’s working age population is aged between 15 and 59 years, ensuring that India will have a demographic advantage all the way up to 2055. This is an attractive proposition for investments, both locally as well as via FDI (foreign direct investment ). But we have to learn how to invest in ourselves first before we ask others to invest in us.

4) Healthy Mindset: Health and Mindset are two words that are most commonly used without any real introspection. We do not realise the true power and potential they hold. Health is the most important aspect of our lives and currently, it is at risk of being compromised due to our endless usage of mobile phones and general addiction to gadgets. youth is hooked to games and watching cat videos and making reels and memes which they have no idea why they are making. It is a collosal waste of intellectual and digital resources.

It’s important for us who are reading this article right now to be sources of inspiration for the generation to come. The idea is not to live forever,but to leave something behind that will educate one generation, equipping them with skills that make them human,compassionate and go-getters. That’s the power of enriching the mind. Let’s be carriers of this positive social influence and change.

Farida H B

I am Farida Bharmal , a Certified Counselor, Life Coach and specializing in the field of Graphology (Handwriting Analysis ). I am passionate about adding value to life and my personal commitment is creating fearless confident people, who wish to develop their Personality relationships, and want clarity , consistency and growth in their personal and professional lives. Follow me on Instagram @bharmalfaridah