Terms & Conditions

You can become a member of DBWRF only if you are a Dawoodi Bohra woman who is

  • - A citizen of India
  • - A follower of Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin (TUS); and
  • - A registered member of your local Jamaat

If you do not qualify as above, please request us to remove you from the membership.

Dawoodi Bohra Women's Association for Religious Freedom is a public religious trust which spearheads DBWRF. DBWRF is a movement to empower Dawoodi Bohra women to speak out in a united voice to protect their religious & cultural customs, beliefs & practices including the practice of khafz. As a member, you believe that you have a right to practice khafz. By becoming a member, you agree to the objects and mission of DBWRF.

You accept that you have joined DBWRF of your own free will and only because you believe in its cause. You understand that you can leave DBWRF at any time by writing to: [email protected] quoting your membership number. You will receive your membership number by sms on your registered mobile number once you agree to these terms & conditions.

As a member of DBWRF, you will receive updates from time to time by email or sms. Should you wish to correspond with us, please feel free to do so, by writing to us on [email protected]. Always quote your membership number when doing so.

- Trustees
Dawoodi Bohra Women's
Association for Religious Freedom