Drawing Her Own Future


08 Mar, 2018

Art is a passion that most people are born with, but few are ever brave enough to turn into a full time career. But Tasneem Amiruddin isn’t ‘most people’; she’s an extraordinarily talented young illustrator who’s built a very successful creative agency on her own steam over the last three years. She runs a popular Instagram account that showcases her work, and her creations have been featured on several prestigious websites including Verve and Taxi Fabric.

At the onset of her career, Tasneem worked at an advertising agency, but gave up her secure job to follow her passion, Illustrative art. Undeterred by the doubtful voices of those around her, but she persevered on, resulting in her transition from a freelancer to a successful businesswoman with her own team.

While the vast majority of her clients are ad agencies, she also enjoys illustrating children’s books for publishing houses. This affinity for children’s books could stem from the fact that Tasneem loves the company of children, and is also a part time art teacher. She strongly believes that the inspiration teaching provides her has proven invaluable for her creatively. Tasneem likes to maintain a healthy mix of digital and traditional mediums to exhibit her art, as each canvass is a unique form of expression.

She attributes her passion for art to her maternal grandmother (who herself was an artist) and her aunt, who she greatly admires. While most parents would be apprehensive about Tasneem’s unconventional career choice, hers “were totally cool with it, even though my mother once wanted me to become a doctor.” All the speculations and uncertainties that loomed in the minds of her parents when she made the bold choice of quitting her job, were put to rest when they saw their daughter come into her own.

Coming from a warm close knit Dawoodi Bohra family, Tasneem’s parents have emphasised the importance of seeking the blessings of the elders before taking any major life decisions, be it educational or professional. She believes it this support that has instilled in her the confidence to take risks and follow her heart.

Rooted in her culture while keeping her sights on the high skies, Tasneem is extremely proud of her rida, which she’s worn ever since she came of age. Calling it her second skin, she is inspired to even go skydiving in her traditional attire. Expressing her gratitude for being born this progressive community, she acknowledges the positive steps they’ve taken towards empowering women, especially through education. She believes that their spiritual leader Syedna Mufaddal Saifuddin genuinely has the best interest of women at heart, to the point where she wouldn’t hesitate to follow his vision without raising any doubts.

People of Tasneem’s talent and business acumen are hard to come by, at just 27 years of age she’s already established herself as a force to be reckoned with, bagging several book deals with major publishing houses. With her flair for art coupled with her quirky demeanour she will definitely take her passion further than anyone can imagine.